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Cobol / Java Application Development

If you found your way to us, you will probably already be aware of the challenges and difficulties, which existing COBOL software entails.

In spite of this fact a large number of companies are still dependent on these applications. But they hesitate to break free from this dependency and tread a more future-oriented path, due to uncertainties with regards to feasibility and concerns about enormous costs for the implementation.

There is no panacea for dealing with legacy systems. It is important to develop individual tailor-made solutions.

NEPTUNE has experience in this field and can consult your company as well as support you within conceptual design, realization and implementation of such solutions.


NEPTUNE connects continents®...not just a principle but reality. We are one point of contact - managed according to German measures and standards, combined and complemented by qualified knowledge from offshore and nearshore. What this means for you: High quality at fair prices.

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