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With our principle of passion and enthusiasm, paired with personal commitment, we ensure the highest quality for our customers.

We constantly preserve and cultivate this principle and create optimum conditions to have contented, high-performance and efficient teams with the capacity to bring you on the road of success.

However the wind may blow, we will set your sails!

Corporate social responsibility

For many years NEPTUNE has been supporting projects of the Jesuit Mission. In poor countries and regions all over the world the Jesuits are doing amazing work and help people to improve their live conditions. We are very pleased to be able to support and make a small contribution to this work through our donations.


Outsourcing is an attractive and exciting topic for companies and entrepreneurs alike. NEPTUNE knows how to utilize Outsourcing to the best advantage of our customers.

The perfect interplay between Onsite- and Offshore capacities in combination with the expert knowledge of our customers results in a synergy effect. This creates the benefit our customers’ wants.

The key to success is the integration of these two worlds. NEPTUNE's fundamental advantage hereby lies in it’s multicultural background. Based in Germany and having roots in India, we can arrange ideal co-operations and strategic alliances for our customers.

Creating synergy effects and integrating what seems to lie apart.

We call it: SynerGration®

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